Monday, August 3, 2015

Rainbow Twinkle2 Quilt...

I got it stippled (panto'd) and here are few pics, prior to binding...I really love everything about this quilt and I can't believe how much I procrastinated finishing the blocks.  I didn't mention that before, did I???  LOL...

I'm binding it in the blue Spa fabric that you see in the bottom right corner...sort of a "cool" binding.  I'm usually not a blue person at all, but this quilt might have changed my mind!!

Get on your QAL cutting...assembly starts in two days!  Happy Cutting!


  1. So glad I found your blog...such fun quilts and your patterns are great. The rainbow twinkle 2 is so fun cheerful.

  2. this looks so good, what I love is the way you do the sashing as you go, and the colours are glorious

  3. Stop teasing me. I must look away. Too late, I'm in.


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