Thursday, August 13, 2015

Twinkle2 QAL: Sashings and Top Assembly....

Wow, this has been going fast, right??  But I have to start work on the 19th so I've got to get this written!!!  Don't worry if you can't keep up, this might be more of a QA (Quilt After) than a QAL (Quilt ALong)...Here are my star blocks (I'm doing the 12 block quilt).

I love including the sashing in my block.  First, I don't like sewing sashings after I've finished by block (just takes too long) and I like the staggered, sort of drunk, look of the blocks with uneven sashings.  If you haven't tried this method, you might find you like it!!  We will be adding sashings, and the cornerstone, to two adjacent sides of the block (this keeps the block square!)...not the two opposite sides like traditional sashings.

First, sew your cornerstones to the short side of half of your sashing strips.  Press the seams toward the sashings.  At the same time, sew a sashing strip to one side of all of your blocks, pressing the seam toward the sashing.  This should use up all of your sashings.

Now, attach one of your sashing/cornerstone units to the adjacent side of one of your blocks, pressing the seams out toward the sashing.  The block should be square and measure 11.5" x 11.5".

Finally, we will lay out the rows for the quilt body.  Pay close attention to where the cornerstone is located (that determines if your block is set correctly).

Odd Rows (1, 3, 5, 7...):  Cornerstone upper left, lower left, upper left, lower left....

Even Rows (2, 4, 6, 8...):  Cornerstone upper right, lower right, upper right, lower right...

Lay out all of your blocks and sew first into rows, then sew the rows together.   I pressed the seams of my rows towards the sashings, then I pressed the rows together, once again, pressing toward the sashings.  At the block corners, I sort of pressed it open/swirled it to reduce the bulk.

Disclaimer:  Because I longarm my own quilts, I find thick bumps from pressing too many seams together to be hazardous.  It is easy to break a needle, or have the machine seize up, or drift off to the side to avoid the bump, so I've taken to pressing bulky seams open in the last few years.  If you'd prefer to press a different direction, go for it!  No worries, it will all quilt up in the end.

  The stars should look like they are twinkling in the sky!!  Yeah....almost done...

Here is a black and white diagram if that helps....

In the next post we will attach the border strips.  Check back on the 17th for the final installment.

Happy Quilting!!

ps...I did hang my quilt in my classroom today and I LOVE IT!!


  1. Very pretty, love the bright colors. Thanks for the QAL.

  2. looks great and ove the wonkiness of the sashing

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  5. I am sewing along with you. I am a bit behind, but I hope to get a lot done tomorrow!! I love this quilt. Thank you for sharing it online. Sorry for the two mess up post above, HA HA!!


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