Monday, July 26, 2010

Alli's booty bag and hints on the rag quilt for Gwen

OK...this is a super duper little booty bag for Alli.  I even let her use my green "oh so 1970's and Holly Hobby-ish" fabric that I bought in Phoenix last spring.  It is made from a child's size 7 pair of Old Navy jeans.  Because the legs were short, I had to make the shoulder strap from fabric.

OK, I also made a little pouch for inside the purse....for lip gloss and money!
So now I have to give some rag quilt tips to Gwen...this is how you put the rows pin with the seams to the top of quilt...

Now, a close up of the pinning...
So, I pin each row like that...then I sew the rows together.  Use the 1/2" seam...set the guide on the featherweight.  Try that...


  1. Love love love the green fabric in the booty bag!!!


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