Saturday, February 25, 2012

My own retreat...

Rebecca let me set up shop downstairs so I sewed like a sweatshop worker all day!! 

I finished two one for the Product Challenge at the LVMQG (I can't show it yet...) and that bastard of a quilt for my Mom (see it sitting on the table.....)  Antique Etoilles.  It.  Super.  Sucked.  And.  I.  Hated.  Every.  Minute.  Of.  It.  Worst instructions EVER. will go to the quilter's for some magic and I'll show it off when it returns.

I'd really like to show the other quilt top but the reveal is March 29th...and I should really quilt it first.  However, I also made a new cover for my dorm-room sized mini ironing board.  Cola had one on hers at the retreat and I got motivated to make one of my own.  Look at that...pretty, pretty...

I would really like to get more sewing done buy work keeps getting in the way.  Damn....only 67 more days left of school this year!!  I have another project in mind so I might have a few pics tomorrow...

Happy Quilting!


  1. I'm thinking that you are less than enthusiastic about your mothers quilt and it's instructions. ; ) It looks nice. The very first 'real' quilt class I took, the instructor (famous, has written lots of books) kept telling the class that she doesn't do mitered borders (I'd already taught myself and did 3 by that time) and had terrible instructions. I wasted lots of fabric and never finished the first block. I seldom take classes now because of that.

  2. I laughed at your modabakeshop review when I first saw it.

    Did you have much trouble recovering the ironing board? It looks awesome from the photo! After I made mine I wondered why I didn't do it long ago!

  3. Looks like a great place to sew. Especially looking out on such a nice spring day! I haven't started my challenge project, yet. I am thinking that it might have to be a tiny project if I don't get started.

  4. Just knowing that even though you hated every minute of working on my quilt but stuck it out til the end will make me love it even more. I have many unfinished projects so you definitely did not get your "do or die" attitude from me.

  5. Lol! loved your Mom's response. I too have been eyeing that quilt on the MBS. I Even saved the pattern to my computer. I will have to double check the instructions before I start cutting stuff. :)


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