Sunday, August 26, 2012

A baby quilt and a big cry ;-(

Wahhhh....I don't want to go back to school!!!  Wahhh....

OK, enough of that!  I put on my new Bliss rails yesterday with my Dad and broke them in today on a baby quilt.  What an improvement!  This is one of Joyce's quilts...

In the center I did freehand hearts, loops, tendrils and flowers....

The border was hearts and loops...Since the pic was taken I did some stitch in the ditch between the border and the center of the quilt.....

Anyhow, the end of summer is upon us and this will seriously cut into my quilting time!!  I'll try to leave work at work and play at home this year....Happy Quilting to all you people who get to stay home while your kids go to school or you retired people...or even better, stay at home people with no kids!!!  Enjoy your week!


  1. Nice job, your quilting is very complimentary. Hopefully whatever is wrong is easily fixed?

  2. Oh I am glad that the quilting is better with the rails! Too bad about back to school. sigh

  3. you are a quilting machine!

    look at those loops and points!


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