Thursday, February 12, 2015

The benefits of EPP....

When I first started English Paper Piecing, I was all about making the sub-units--piles and piles of stars.  I loved that part, as well and the cutting and basting--all of it was relaxing...

But then I had to assemble it all together.  When doing my last (first) full EPP quilt, I fretted about how to maneuver the quilt while putting all the sub-units do I do it?  Work from the center out?  Work in rows?  Divide it into quarters and do one at a time then put it all together?  What to do...all the tutorials were on how to get the little pieces together, not how take care of the whole top....

So I just started in one corner and worked it in rows.  And I found that I loved sitting under the quilt, with the dog, night after night...watching in come together.  So pieceful/peaceful....

This is my latest Kaffe stars EPP project.  I'm more than halfway through the final assembly and I took this pic tonight while I was watching some Grey's beautiful is this?  Not the quilt, though I am quite fond of it, but watching a rainbow of river fabric keep me warm?  It is awesome, and not scary at all.  The quilt weighs more as time goes on, but it is comforting to know I'm making progress and I'm very excited by every new star I add to it.  ;-)

I have a four day weekend coming and I can't wait!  Lots and lots of sewing and dog walking and cooking my future....Happy Quilting to all of you!

ps.  It has been in the upper 70's all week here in Las Vegas...Spring has sprung!


  1. So pretty! I too worried about how to put it all together! I have found I do like doing small units attaching versus one little piece at a time!

  2. I just cannot believe how quickly you do EPP. I have worked on one quilt top for well over a year and still nowhere near done. But I do like the small piecing before adding it to the top. For my quilt top it is circular and goes in rounds or rows so it goes from center outward. It's now 70x70 inches. I admit it can be a challenge to get the small pieces exactly lined up perfectly with that large a top to manipulate. I have gone through several boxes of paper clips. I prefer paper clips to the clamps the EPP web sites sell because the clamps have ends that stick up and I'm always knocking them off with my hand. Regular paper clips help secure it until I have enough stitches to remove it. But it is fun and I love this top you are doing.


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