Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long project!

Thank God the school year is almost over...I can't wait!  Only 8 more school days left and them I'm free for the summer.  I thought I'd show you the quilt I'm making for my bedroom--it is sort of "medium volume"....but low for me.  ;-)  It is grays, beiges and tans, and the new seafoam/aqua color that I used to accent my bathroom.

I'm doing the granny square block because it's easy and a no-brainer....perfect for summer!

I've cut most all of the 2.5" square for the blocks and am awaiting the arrival of the background fabric...Kona Shadow--one of the new Kona colors.  We auditioned several other background colors but ultimately decided on Shadow--I hope I like it!!  We need to make 121 of these blocks, plus sash them...if we each do two per day we could have the blocks done by the end of June!!

Our other project has been the backyard.  I'll show you a before pic (we bought a repo'd house) and the after one....we put in all of the landscaping after ripping out all of the prior stuff.  Most recently we put in the flower garden.  That was last month's project....


After....we are still finishing up with something around the garden...remember, this is Las Vegas and we have to be very careful about what we plant or it will roast during the summer....

The rest of the yard has gotten grass, plants, photinia, lantana and TLC over the last few years...

We've also been working on the front, but I'll save that for another post...

Anyhow, now that summer is coming, I'll get back to blogging--it anyone is still out there!!

Happy quilting!


  1. Beautiful job on the yard. Your hard work paid off.

  2. We're still here! :)
    What a great garden! It is a ton of work, but definitely worth it!

  3. I love the colors of this new project!
    You did a great job in your yard.


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