Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christmas rag quilt and Buddy....

So here is a Christmas rag quilt that Joyce made for the charity auction and Rebecca "ragged"....cut the edges?  Trimmed?  Washed?  Anyhow, it turned out great and I'm not above putting other people's stuff on my blog...

And here is Buddy.  We were playing afterschool--he loves the braided fabric pull toy I made for him.  I used some old scraps of Christmas fabric and braided them see, Buddy only weighs 10 pounds so it had to be small.  The diameter is about that of your finger.  Unfortunately, it begins to smell, so I wash it, and then we play again!!  But it is a nice way to reward your dog, and use some scraps from your stash!! He thinks he hears the car...but it isn't there...

Then he decided that having me take pictures of him wasn't as much fun as playing so I got the pathetic look.  What a player!!!  Tonight I'm going to work on my Christmas project for Saturday (I might not have the time then so I'm going to do my "homework" early, if you know what I mean).  I'll blog about it on Saturday, though, like I did it on time!!!  LOL...


  1. Buddy is so cute.

    I love the raggy quilt and am looking forward to seeing your "homework" on Saturday.

  2. Raggy quilts are fun. I looked at your older posts, and you've made quite a few fun ones.

  3. Hi Zany,

    I LOVE all your plaids and what you do with them! Thank you for your comment on my stripes. Thrift store quilts are so much fun.

    If you'll list your email on your profile, you'll get more responses from your comments.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Buddy is too cute!! My pups act the same way! Bored with anything that doesn't involve them and their toys! lol


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