Monday, September 6, 2010

Sarah's Quilt...

Well, blue and purple is quite a stunning combination, in my opinion (check out this quilt from Kate Kwiltz--scroll past the flower pics).  Currently, it is right up there with aqua and red as a "must do" for my classroom....but right now I'm working on Rebecca's nieces quilt. She bought the fabrics in New York and I've been washing, ironing, and cutting all week.  I'm going to make a wonky squares type of quilt--like the Dream On quilt.  I'll post a bit more about how to do this for my sister Gwen since she might want to do one someday.....yeah, right!!!
I've been using the Juki...turns out it has a foot on it with a guide (like a featherweight) and it seems to be 1/4".  This type of piecing doesn't require that kind of accuracy (since you trim down the blocks to the desired size in the end) but I think it is fantastic.  If I oil the race (in the bobbin area) after each bobbin, the machine runs super smooth!!  There will be 80 large triple border squares...and 72 mini squares with only two borders that will made into units of 4...I'll take pictures as soon as it gets lighter outside!!  I haven't had my coffee yet and Rebecca is "blah, blah, blahing" me about something I "blah, blah, blahed" her about last night.  Let me go drink my coffee...I'll be back.

OK, I had my coffee and sewed for a while (new episodes of the Kardashians kept me company)...This is what my work area looks like now....
Up top, I'm sewing three different stacks at once.  They are all in a different stage so it isn't too difficult to keep track of which is which.  In the case are the ones I've finished.  On the left side you can see what I meant by four small ones together.  All the blocks are being squared up to 8 1/2".  Once all four of the little ones are together they will be 8 1/2" as well.  This is going to be twin size so I've got a lot more sewing to do.  Maybe it will be together by the end of Sept???  LOL....Or Christmas???....

The thing with this method is that it seems so fast at first (no special cutting for the pieces)...but then you pay for it later by having to trim all the blocks at EVERY stage....after you have applied each and every border!!  But I love how they turn out...kind of funky and fun!!

Oh yeah, I have a great pic of Buddy.  So some background story....I re-did my backyard last year to put in grass for the dog.  There is a small part of the yard that has river rock and stepping stones that remains unfinished.  Why?  Because I'd rather quilt.  Anyhow, Buddy likes to lay in the dirt where I haven't finished laying the rock.  Then he gets dirty, takes a bath, and lays in it again.  You'd think I'd just get out there and finish it...maybe in October or November.  Well, we ordered Buddy a little cot to lay on so he wouldn't be in the dirt.  It came from a doggy magazine and cost probably $40.  What a waste, we thought.  It has been sitting in the backyard for months...and he never used it.  But today, we caught a glipse of Buddy taking a suntan on his isn't a great picture, but it is all I could get before he jumped off....
How funny.  It must be 105 degrees out there right now....Silly chihuahua....


  1. I think your blocks look great, your doggy picture is soo funny, but most of all, I LOVE your Christmas blocks in the previous post.

  2. Your blocks are very cool! LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of Buddy!! He looks like a total ham like my pups! :)

  3. Buddy must be hanging around Mom too much. Who lays out in 105 degree weather?? Glad to see you're keeping busy. I love your new stuff.

  4. he's a cutie pie and a wonderful pic of him enjoying his hammock. forget about adding grass..


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