Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunshine Award

Well, I don't know what to say....Someone passed along the Sunshine Award to my blog.  Shell Creations is doing the Christmas Quilt Along and she passed this along to 12 of us participating in it....I've never gotten an award before, and certainly not one that indicated I was any sort of "Sunshine" so I don't really know what to do!  But I can pass along 12 blogs that I love to follow...

Well, I'm trying not to repeat ones that I've seen get this award, so here it goes:
1.  Nifty Quilts--vintage clothing turned into quilts!
2.  Kate Kwiltz--her organic, kwitzing (sort of straight/crooked line quilting) is very cool
3.  Quilt Times--where the Christmas Quilt Along began
4.  Crap I've Made--just because the blog name makes me laugh uncontrollably, and her stuff isn't crap
5.  Quiltville--the queen of making do with vintage clothing!  Because of Bonnie I have about 300 cut up shirts blocking my son's vision of his Wii gaming system!
6.  Material Obsession--love these Australians and their total abandonment when using color.  She makes me feel positively puritan in my color choices...Someday I'm going to grow up and be Australian!!
7.  Cluck Cluck Sew--How cute is that!  Great blog....lots of tutorials!
8.  Making Scrap Quilts from Stash--Mary is the epitome of quilting queen/charity volunteer.  And she has a website with patterns...
9.  Red Pepper Quilts--love her photos!  Delicious to look at the pics...another one from "Down Under"...
10.  Lazy Gal Quilting--her free-form pieced letters and tutorial about letter are fantastic
11.  Crazy Mom Quilts--What a busy Mom!  She quilts, she Moms, then she quilts some more!!!  Love her tutorials!
12.  1934 Chevrolet--I've got to give a shout out to my Dad who started blogging about his passion for antique cars (ones that he fixes up).  He learned to you can teach an old dog new tricks!!  LOL...

**All of you who were selected are supposed to put the picture of the flower into your blog when you list your 12 blogs....I think.  I've never done this before...

Blogging is a wonderful way to connect to people you otherwise might not have gotten to know....I love the blog world and am thankful for the Sunshine Award.  ;-)  Thanks....all 5 of you who now read my blog!  LOL....


  1. Hey, Zany. Thanks for thinking of me and I'm glad you like the blog!

  2. Congratulations #1, you deserve this award. Always a smile when viewing your blog.

  3. Wow! Thanks! I'll check out the other blogs too. Some of them I know, like Lazygal, and I'm honored to be among your list! If I can figure out how to post the flower, I will. Again, THANKS!

  4. Nice job on receiving a "Sunshine Award" and very deserving I might add! The orange flower reminded me of your "mirror" quilt and all the long hours that went into putting that one together. Bet your other followers would enjoy seeing it....

  5. Hey, thanks! And thanks for the props you gave my quilting!


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