Sunday, January 29, 2012

Awesome design wall...

Well, won't you look at that???  My very own design wall....We used the tutorial from Oh, Fransson...We cut the 4'x8' sheets of foam into 4'x6' sheets...and seamed together with duct tape.

My Dad...measuring....

Instead of just pushing the foam onto the nails, we dug out the back of the foam a bit and inserted these things that you put on the bottoms of chair legs...just so the design wall wouldn't slowly rip through the foam and slide down the wall--it is a wee bit heavy...

Seamed the front with duct retrospect, should have gone with clear tape...turns out that batting isn't as thick as you might think!!  LOL...

So here I am painting the center line so it doesn't show through the batting....I'm really not that fat...the camera adds about 30 pounds you know....

Ta dimensions are 6' tall and 8' across....It is covered in Warm 'n White batting...stapled and taped on the back side....

Pretty frickin' awesome, huh??  Happy B-day to me....You know, I'm turning 39 again!!

Me and my dog Buddy....Trying out the Rosie the Riveter look...Rebecca says it's more like Aunt Jemima...what a hater!!!

Anyhow, that is all for now!!  There is no excuse for me not making something really awesome in the near future... maybe we can look forward to Design Wall posts...

Happy Quilting!


  1. You look fabulous in your cutting edge tangerine! Great design wall!

  2. Wonderful design wall. What a nice dad. Love your new picture and Buddy too!

  3. My DH has helped me make smaller versions of this that I have to move around because there is no wall space. I covered it in flannel. What did you cover yours with? It is awesome! What a great birthday present!

  4. Happy B-day! All the best and thousands of amazing projects :)

  5. You lucky thing. I've got design wall envy now!

  6. Lol @ painting duct tape!. I love all the space!!

  7. Great job. I wish I had a 'sewing room', too.


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