Monday, January 16, 2012

Vintage Sheet LOVE!

I'm so inspired by the Jeni's blog In Color Order... she is young, talented, has an obviously great understanding of color and she makes me want to go back and be 20-something again!!  Such energy and such a promising future in quilting, in my opinion...

Anyhow, I've been reading her posts about using vintage sheets for quilts and I decided to take the plunge.  Here are pics of my recent purchases...  Most have come from Etsy shops (search vintage sheets or vintage sheet fat quarters) and a few from Ebay.  Rebecca bought me some for my birthday and I bought some during a few late night online shopping expeditions...

It is definitely different than working with quilt shop cottons.  They smell like polyester when you iron them...but they don't need to be ironed coming out of the dryer.  They are different weights...depending on use, or original fabric.  I think most are part cotton/part poly... I really need some orange, green and purple to round out my stash.  I've also ordered full size sheets from Ebay for backings, borders, backgrounds, etc.

You know, I love working with the plaid shirt fabrics for manly quilts--this is the girly version of that idea, I think.  I'll let you see what I'm working on as soon as I get some more HSTs together!!

Happy Quilting....


  1. it looks like they were all meant to be together! If you didn't mention they were all vintage I would have guessed they were all part of the same line lol!

  2. That is a beautiful assortment! It will make a lovely quilt!

  3. That gold plaid near the center/right? My mother still has those sheets, the whole set. My son uses them on the sofa bed when he visits. How funny! I remember them on my brothers bed back in the '70's.

  4. Those are pretty! There's a flickr group called Vintage Sheet Patchwork Swap. There's a fat quarter swap every few months or so. :)


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