Monday, January 16, 2012

Design table...

Damn, I need a design wall!!!  I bought the foam boards today at Home Depot and they wouldn't fit in the I had to go back in and return them.  That sucked...LOL...

Here are some of my HST vintage sheet blocks on the table.  It was late at night and the lighting is bad, but you'll ge the picture...

Anyhow, how much fun is this?  So much fun that I've been online shopping for vintage sheets--I spent wayyyyy too much money this weekend on old linens!  I-must-stop-going-on-Ebay!  I read that people can find nice vintage sheets at their local thrift shops...I haven't had that experience.  I can find lots of shirts--but no cute vintage sheets.  None.  None.  So I'm forced to pay way TOO much online, but it is worth it, right??

Ryan had the flu all weekend so I stayed in and got some cutting, sewing and painting done (in between cleaning up vomit).  I almost thought that I was looking forward to returning to work tomorrow...but then I remembered what is like and the feeling passed!!

Happy sewing!


  1. That looks great. Lovely and soft and gentle somehow.

  2. Lol the only reason I didn't pick up the foam boards the other day was due to the same reason :) My next trip to Lowes will be in the convertible! hahahaha

    It looks good! If I ever see anything at a local thrift shop I'll let you know.. but to be honest, I've never ran into anything good here.

  3. That's beautiful, and I love the mix of prints and colors! Who would have thought those old vintage sheets could become something so pretty!

    By the way, Fons & Porter makes a portable design wall that hangs from Command hooks - I got mine at Joanns with a 50% off coupon, and it ran me about $13. It hands over my fabric storage shelves when I need it, and sits folded up on a shelf when I don't. It's made of flannel-backed plastic with grommets at the top for hanging. Works great for me!!

  4. Half square triangles are like magic! Very lovely!

  5. When you said vintage sheets, I said okay. I never expected them to look so good! I saw nice vintage sheets in Connecticut but here no sheets or sweaters, just cheap wool coats.


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