Thursday, April 5, 2012

Client with low standards...

Jill (over at DarlingJillQuilts) commented that I should get more of my PPP done so I could provide some motivation to all of us tired quilters!!  ;-)  LOL....

I told her I was going to finish my PPP piece (90" x 90") then throw on something of my own.  But PPP is about as boring as practicing the tuba so I said to myself, screw it!!  I have a client with super low standards so why not PPP on her quilt (it is my own, just in case you think I'd do someone else dirty like that).  So I cleaned Alli up with some more Everclear, wound 4 bobbins and loaded a top that needed some easy quilting.

I was all serious and professional about loading the backing... It is so perfect and could bounce a quarter off that backing!!  Now the real story...I was too lazy to square up the backing (it is a vintage sheet) so I just ripped it and hoped for parallel sides!!  Super lazy, but it worked!

Then, since I was in lazy mode, I decided to float the top.  This means that I didn't roll it on the top roller, as instructed in the APQS "How to Load A Quilt" video. can probably guess from the blue tape wrapped around the top roller that I have no intention of ever rolling on a quilt top.  I float all my tops, with the batting.  If I was a super lazy woman, I'd float the backing as well---but maybe that crosses a line for me....maybe....

My ability to quilt parallel, serpentine lines is a function of how much "cleaning" with the Everclear I did that day.  Hmmm.... so I had the forethought to premark the top this afternoon with the blue washout marker....every 1".  See the blue marker??  Makes it look kind of trashy right now...

Then it was serpentine, serpentine, serpentine!  That was all I could think of as a quilted waves across the lines....our friend Annette lives in an older part of Las Vegas and when we leave her house we are always told to "Serpentine!!" to our car to dodge any wayward bullets or other crazy violence...LOL!  I think we should call it "Ric Rac" quilting....sounds better, with less of an ominous tone, to me anyhow!!  A sea of texture...this is what I always wanted!!  And all of this was done in 1 hour and 15 mins.  It took me 8 hours of quilting to do parallel lines on Ryan's mancave quilt.  That is 6.5 hours I can never get back.... ;-(

I'll bind it up, wash it and post about the actual quilt.  Right now I just feel like a quilting rock star!!!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

Happy quilting!


  1. Love the quilting!! And your quilt top is so pretty :o)

  2. I always float my tops, ever since Miki Willa told me that's how she does hers. It saves so much time, and my quilts turn out squarer!! And I love your serpentine quilting - I may be stealing that idea for a quilt top I just finished!!

  3. Love your quilt. You don't need any practice! What is PPP?

  4. Lol everything about this post makes me laugh.

  5. I love the texture your quilting has given. I too always float the top, but never tried floating the backing too.

  6. Way to go! And I am sure that your client is pleased! :)

  7. You've got it going on! I'm so jealous.


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