Monday, April 2, 2012

More PPP...I don't suck, suck, suck.... :-)

I loaded on some muslin yesterday for some PPP.  I'm on Spring Break right now and it is full of sewing, nasty yard work, more sewing, cleaning, etc.  Still, a nice Staycation...I'm not complaining. 

I spent a full hour lint rolling cat hair off the take-up roller prior to loading the backing (wait, maybe that was complaining).  What a hot mess....Anyhow, here is what happened yesterday.

Starting off with some random junk....Trying to throw around a big machine takes some adjusting.  Maybe I should lay off the chocolate poke cake and pick up some arm weights....???  When your circles look like squares (squircles) then you know you need more PPP...

Trying out the vertical lines and bumps....thought it looked like a tuxedo shirt.  I was planning on using that later this week but not sure now....

I like the texture with these bumps....bump, bump, bump, turn, bump, bump, bump, turn....etc.

Hearts that don't join in the center...jacked that up.  Sun fan things...guess what, you can't go up with that design...need to go horizontal or you get to a point that you can't move on...duh...

A feather fill....but kind of half-assed.  LOL....the south side is a traditional feather, but I thought I'd try out the hook-feather on the north side of the spine.  Don't give up your day job, Vic!!  WTF?  Was I drinking the Everclear???

Anyhow, the guy who sold it to me was supposed to come back into town this weekend and come to my house to tweak some things.  Funny thing, though, I haven't heard a peep from him???  What do you think this means??   You don't get much customer service for $11K these days....LOL... I'll fix it all myself--whatever!!

I'm binding my Mom's Quilt From Hell that came back from another quilter this weekend.  Hopefully I'll have some pics tomorrow!!  ;-)


  1. The sun things look like they could be done horizontally if you remove the overhead arch for chaining, coming off the rays and then into the center swirl of the next one. Of course then it's just an issue of spacing.

    Love your bump bump turns, those look great. I do agree oon the feathers there is something less than ideal about the top part, but the bottoms and the movement looks good.

    To bad your sales dude hasn't shown up again. At least you have all the pieces and parts. Happy sewing.

  2. Ha ha! Im on spring break too and doing a sew-garden-clean-cation too. I htink the quilting looks great!

  3. I LOVE your work! You quilt like that and you think you need help. OMG!

  4. I agree with Sharon!! Great work!! I am such a sucker for feathers, but all the designs look pretty :o)

  5. Your quilting looks great - and will improve even more with practice!!! Keep up the good work!!

  6. So this is what you do when you're just starting out? Woww, can't wait to see your work once you've finished ppp-ing. It all looks great to me already.

  7. Looking good! I will be *ahem* adapting some of these designs in my quilting :-) I especially think the tuxedo shirt will work in the borders of my current project!

  8. I am so jealous of the practicing that you are getting in! Love seeing all the pics so keep them coming!

  9. You had me laughing out loud at this whole post! But I guarantee you, that which you think doesn't look good looks LIGHT YEARS better than it would if I had been driving that puppy.


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