Friday, December 26, 2014

Two inches at a time....old school!

This school year has been hectic...and as a result, I've had no time to sew on my sewing machine.  But I did make time to do some English Paper Piecing and I'm so in love with this....I could easily do this until kidding!

I spent October basting the pieces.  I don't pierce the papers so I can reuse them over and over again.  Then I spent November making six pointed stars.  This is easily done during the evenings while watching TV--I was sad when I had them all together!

By Thanksgiving I was ready to start assembling all the stars and hexagons into the top.  At first I struggled to handle something like this, but once I realized that it wasn't fragile, I just started going to town on it.  This is a months worth of top piecing....The top is about 48" wide and will be 54" long when it is finished.

Here is an up-close shot.  I'm using 2" diamonds and 2" hexagons.  The hexagons are all low volume text prints, and the diamonds are brights from my fabric stash.

Here is the back.  I do pull the papers out as soon as all four sides are attached.

The only papers remaining at this point are the ones on the bottom row, the one I'm currently working.  I get all my paper pieces from

If you are like me, you're thinking "no way!" .... it would take forever.  But it really doesn't.  And it is so relaxing--like knitting or crocheting.  You get in a rhythm...and before you know it, you have a top done.  Try it, you might like it!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Denise's Runaround Sue quilt....

Denise made this quilt as a Christmas gift so I put a panto on it last weekend.  The fabric is Basic Grey (by Moda)--Persimmon.  The panto is a gender neutral one....Blowin' Wind.  I love it!

The pattern is my Runaround Sue and is available here....

That is all the quilting that I've done this fall....LOL.  No time now.  I'm finishing my chalk paint project today and I'll post pics this week...and my EPP project is perking along as well.

Happy Quilting to all of you!