Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Log and navy!

I've decided to name this log cabin pattern Rock Around the Clock....and this is the third one I've made!  I love the green, navy and gray combo....excellent and modern ;-)  It measures about 59" x 59".

The panto was called One Cloudy Day and I thought it was perfectly neutral...lots of texture, but gender neutral.  I tend to lean heavily towards girly quilts and it was mentioned that more boyish quilts on some covers might sell more patterns.  So I'll give it a try...

I got the idea for Rock Around the Clock from the clock fabric in the center of the blocks.  And since with a log cabin you go 'round and 'round, it seemed like a good fit.  Once I get it bound and some cover pics taken, the pattern will be released!  Yeah....I'll keep you posted.  Happy quilting!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We went out of town last week so I took along a little English Paper Piecing to do in the, it is amazing what you can get done when you focus for a few hours.  The night prior to leaving I penciled cut lines on the back of my 2.5" strips so that I could cut hexies in the car...what you see in the box is what was leftover after I basted a ton of these things! I must have cut out a few hundred fabric hexies...

Then I got basting a bunch....six of the same fabric for the outside of the flowers and one for the center.  I was making little piles and stuffing them in plastic baggies.  You can see all that I basted and some flowers that I had previously finished.... I love the basting part ;-)

I've got no idea of what I'm making.  ???  Hmmm...I just keep going.  Fun, huh??

I'm still working on the 3rd sample quilt for my fat quarter log cabin quilt.  I'll show a block pick tomorrow when I get one done.  My son has been out of town at a Student Council retreat so I've been slacking on my sewing (we typically watch some Sci Fi  TV and I sew like a mad woman--right now I'm lost without him!).  But I'll try to focus tomorrow....

Boo hoo...two weeks until teachers return to school in Las Vegas.  ;-(  Big weepy tears....

But only 1,039 days until retirement :-)

Happy Quilting!