Monday, January 25, 2016

My "trunk show" at Quiltique...

My local quilt shop, Quiltique, asked me to do a sort of "trunk show" and discussion about quilting, designing quilt patterns, and general quilt related stuff.  They put out 19 of my quilts and I did a half hour lecture/ was great fun!!  Check out the pics...and yes, those are all my quilts!!

Yep.  That's me...Surrounded by the work of the last few years.  I never thought it would look so cool!!  It was a great experience and I met a nice bunch of ladies and had a great time.  I feel ready to keep on quilting...thanks Quiltique!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tessa bag in the works....

I bought the pattern for the Tessa bag by Green Letter Day off of Etsy over Winter break, but never got around to making it.  Isn't that the story of a quilter's life??  Lol...So I decided to man up and get to it using some of my Amy Butler Soul Blossom's fabric.  I just cut 5" x 5" charm squares in half to make 2.5" x 5" bricks.

The bummer was I chose to do 1/4" vertical line quilting with my Juki.  That took a while....

I'm continuing on with this project and will post pics when I'm finished.  It seems very easy and I'll likely make another, if all goes well in the end.

Happy quilting!