Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vintage Sheet pull...

These are the vintage sheet winners for my soon to be started Maybellene quilt.  The pattern looks like this...

But I'm going to make a smaller, wall-size quilt.  I needed (18) 10" x 10" layer cake squares and (36) 5" x 5" charm squares.  I recently (and boldly) began cutting up my vintage sheets.  Here are the ones I pulled for the quilt...  I LOVE them!  I don't usually show fabrics like this, but vintage sheet lovers will appreciate the eye-candy, right??

I still have a giant pile leftover... this is ridiculous!  And those of you who collect vintage sheets know how difficult purple ones are to find.  The 70's must not have appreciated purple as much as I do!!

The remains... I'm pretty sure that I see a few more vintage sheet quilts in my future.  ;-)  My family won't use them (they have issues with "used" sheets, so maybe the quilts will end up in my Etsy shop. or hanging on the wall.  Who knows??

Junior is already shocked that I'm planning to take over his mancave when he leaves for college in two years and turn it into a giant longarm room.  He thought I was joking until I fully described the future of what he thought was "his stuff" in "his" room.  Some chalk painted furniture, new flooring and wall paint, my longarm, a seating area, large cutting table, etc....  Wow, I have lots of plans!!  If he wants to go away, do I need to keep his stuff in there as a shrine?? to do some school work.  Happy Quilting!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lots of Vintage Sheet precuts....

If by "precuts" I mean that I cut them myself...they didn't come that way!!  LOL... I took about 50 different vintage sheets and cut them into assorted 10" layer cake squares and 5" charm squares.  This pile of fun is over 8" tall with them. I figure, using some math, that it must be 700+ layer cake and charm squares.  OMG...and this didn't even dent the stash of vintage sheets.

I may end up selling some sets in my Etsy shop.... I have really nice vintage sheets.  I mean r.e.a.l.l.y. nice sheets.  Bright, fun, etc...  I think I may make my Maybellene pattern in some of these this month.  Each block requires 1/2 of a layer cake square and 1 charm square.  We'll see....

...because I got side-tracked on another English Paper Piecing project.  Notice the capital letters--it's because EPP is that cool.  Yep, really old, old school is cool--don't doubt it's addicting properties.  ;-)

So on that note, I recently placed an order with for some jewel shapes and some enlongated hexagons (with the acrylic templates to match).  I know that I could cut these out myself, but life if too short for me to do extra cutting.  Who needs the stress??  My son just got his driver's permit and he is going to get my Jeep so letting him drive me around like Miss Daisy is enough anxiety for me each day!!

I'm going to do a jewel star sort of hexagon quilt from the new fabric line Summerfest by April Rosenthal.  Let me show you the fabrics...they are lovely!!

I'm sure you could tell that the soft rainbow-y goodness was a quick draw for me. I bought the charm packs online a few months ago from someone who picked them up at Sample Spree at market (and wanted to part with them??  Foolish...).  Then I ordered the jelly roll from my favorite online shop, Green Fairy Quilts (free shipping and low prices).  Now I really need the FQ stack...maybe for Mother's Day???  Here is what I've started so far...

I'm not cutting from charm squares (I'm using 2.5" strips), but I thought a gratuitous shot of them was necessary.  I'm supplementing with other fabrics from my stash that are in the same color range.  If I can do one hexagon block a day I might have a quilt by the end of summer!

Anyhow, that is what's up around here.  One month until school is over!!  21 school days, to be exact.  The teachers are way more excited to be out than the students ever will be.  I've been trapped in high school for over 30 years now!!  Let me out!!  Also, I think I only have about 402 days left until retirement (one more school year).  Awesome!

Happy Quilting!