Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vintage Featherweight Seam Guide and Cleaning Kit

My friend Maria sells these cute little acrylic guides for Featherweights.  Her husband works with acrylic and he made her a bunch for her Etsy store "My Gramas Inspiration".  They have a dainty little lace pattern on the back so your Featherweight will look cutie patootie at sew-ins or retreats.  Check it out...

She pointed out that is fully adjustable--see the cut out in the middle?  1/4" or 1/2"...whatever!!  How cool...

But she also sells these ever-so-handy Featherweight Cleaning Kits.  Look at all the goodies you get in your kit:  3 mini screwdrivers, two extra bobbins, a long pair of tweezers, a cleaning brush, an oiler and some grease!  Did you know your featherweight needed grease--and where to put it??  Well, Maria does, and this kit was put together by her and her Engineer husband to assist her when she took her machine to sew-ins.  It has everything you need to keep you Featherweight in tip top shape.  You can see them in her Etsy store.

That oiler is worth everything, in my opinion....and ready to install grease??  Awesome!!

So I picked up a set from her directly, but you can check out her Etsy store and get your own ;-)  You'll be happy you did!  Happy Quilting...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Practice quilt....

I'm working on a log cabin quilt from fat quarters...for a new pattern, of course.  This was the first try--all in Pam Kitty fabrics.  I love the look of it!

And an up close shot of the quilting.  The panto is called Daisies and Loops and it is one I hadn't done before.  Quite adorable, if I may say....

I'm working on a second version in batiks--half lights and half darks--to see how that turns out.  The pattern is written, but I need a cover quilt.  Or two...who knows!  Anyhow, I'm just sewing today--I hope you are as well.  Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buttercup quilt class ;-)

Yesterday I taught my Buttercup quilt pattern at a local quilt shop, The Christmas Goose.  I had five students and we had a great time cutting out the blocks, then eventually sewing.  All in all, it was a good day.  This was the first quilt class I've ever taught and these ladies made it easy peasy!  Here are some pics of the finished blocks....

And here are pics of the students while they worked.  They were so was like a final exam during Algebra!  Very serious....LOL....

They were such a nice group of couldn't have been better!  Thanks so much for being great students!!!  I also discovered that teaching someone quilting is far more enjoyable than teaching math...who would have thought???  LOL...

I also brought my recently quilted Buttercup toddler quilt that I did in Riley Blake fabrics--Saddle Up, I believe.  Once it is bound, it will go in my Etsy shop.

The panto was Spring Garland, I believe....easy and fast!

Anyhow, that is all for today.  I'm working on a new pattern so I'll post more later this week.  Happy Quilting!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Hustle Quilt Pattern is Available!

I love to buy precuts and this is a pattern that is perfect for layer cake squares and charm squares, or fat quarters!  It only requires thirty 10" x 10" squares and thirty pairs of matching 5" x 5" charm squares, plus background fabric.  If you have a large stash of fat quarters, you can pick 15 of them and cut your own squares.

The cutting is easy and with some clever piecing and seam pressing, you will find that all of your blocks nest together nicely for the final assembly.  This quilt could be made bigger or smaller by adjusting the number of layer cake and charm squares you use.

As the blocks come together at the end, you will find a secondary pattern is created by the corners--a modern "plus" sign.  Some really great quilting in those areas would make this quilt shine ;-)

No special rulers are required.  You will also find a coloring diagram in the pattern.

The pattern is available in PDF form on Etsy or Craftsy.  Happy Quilting!