Saturday, March 31, 2012

New longarm...and a bit of Everclear!

The longarm was set up this week....It is 12 feet long...a 2007 used Freedom SR.  It came from MI in pieces and parts and was re-assembled Tuesday.  Here is a pic...I might call her Alli after my daughter.  Longarms are particularly tempermental, sometimes frustrating but so much fun when all is well.  Also, I'm using all of Alli's old room stuff to decorate up there so I can't help but think about her when I'm in there.  She would LOVE the machine....

Because she traveled so far, and she was a model used to train other longarmers, she needed a bit of a clean up.  It is recommended that I use rubbing alcohol on a rag to clean the rails.  Because I didn't have any, I opted to use some Everclear that I had hanging out in the liquor cabinet.  Ever since I decided to keep my liver intact, Everclear has been on the "no-no" list....LOL.  But Alli appreciated the cleanup....and damn that junk is amazing.  There were a few rough spots on the rails but my Dad sanded them with some fine sandpaper and they are smooth as a baby's bottom now.

We messed around with the machine the night it got set are some junky scribbles.  It has been a long while since I quilted anything so I'll load on a practice piece tomorrow and try to get a bit better.  I have plans to quilt a wall quilt later this week and I'd like it to not look like total garbage...Oh yeah, Ryan quilted on this a bit as well!!  ;-)

I'll post more pics this week since we are on Spring Break for the next nine days!!  How fantastic is that!!  Happy quilting.... Oh yeah, I might post up how I did the binary code zeros and ones if anyone is well as a link to the binary code converter I found online.  Seems like there are lots of other quilters with nerds in their family who would appreciate the geekiness of binary code!!  LOL

;-)  Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Goodness gracious what a big girl! Lovely addition! And those lights! You have the mid armer in me drooling!

  2. That is huge! I lol'd at the everclear... what a good idea!

  3. Looks great! I love my Liberty... although it took a break over spring break, when the kids were home I had trouble getting to it...


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