Monday, May 31, 2010

Name quilt and sewing basket

Well, since the computer was in the shop for a tune up yesterday, I feel like I can post two completed projects. I actually have quite a few more, but I'll save them for another day. The first is my name quilt for my work. I did it "Lazy Gal" style....check out her blog for inspiration. I finished the binding last night...I will staple to the wall (that can't be worse that using pins, right?) in the fall...

You can't see it, but I hand quilted some little double fans in an embarrassing "4 stitches per inch" kind of quilting. Honestly, a drive-by viewing is all you get. It is about 3 feet long...I hate when the inmates can't remember my name...I'm not Ms. Rankin, honestly. So that will hang in my room next year (it is a UFO from last summer).

Next up was the lining for this little sewing basket. Yes, I know it doesn't look like much. But the fabric is from a vintage (Goodwill) shirt I found in Phoenix. I did pay full price, $4.99, but it was so worth it. This took almost all of one of the long sleeves. Hmmm...and the button is from my Mom's vintage button stash that she gave me last month. I now search for reasons to use bottons. Thanks, Mom.

I guess I could post that I fixed the saggy bottom in my little "carry to work, but maybe not, because it is too cute and I don't want to get it dirty" denim bag. Because I thought it was useless advice, I didn't make the fabric covered cardboard bottom for the bag. And it was saggy. Just a little duct tape, an old box and some fabric and my bottom is a little better.

But it is still too nice for work.

Anyhow, tomorrow we'll talk about fabric fortune cookies.

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