Friday, December 31, 2010

Valentine Quilt....

Well, I finally finished the UFO "Heart Crazies" that I bought as a kit years ago.....This is the pattern.

I'm not into the folksy kind of quilts, so I wouldn't have bought the pattern based on the picture.  But it was already made up at Quiltique and turned out quilt nice, I thought, so I bought it.  The pattern is from Buggy Barn.

Here is my finished quilt top....
And an up close....

I had already purchased the backing, binding, and border fabrics so this quilt was essentially FREE!!  I'm going to have it quilted by the quilter who did the one in the LQS....Hopefully we can both recall how the first one was quilted since I want it done just the same!!!

I didn't get much sewing done because of Jamie and Claire (Outlander series....).  And we went on a Dam Tour Wednesday....I'm going to post some great pics of that tomorrow!!!  It was pretty Dam awesome!


  1. It's beautiful! You did a great twist on the original, changing the feel altogether.

    Can't wait to hear all about your Dam adventure! LOL!

  2. Jamie and Clare can really mess up your sewing time.... I know from experience!!

  3. That's a great looking quilt.

    Happy New Year.


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