Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not my Grandma's Quilt...

God knows I don't mind blogging about quilts that aren't my own....this is one of them.  It is my sister's friend's deceased Grandma's quilt....Grandma died whilst piecing this from an obsolete (5 year old) Jo-Ann's block of the month club....My sister passed the unfinished top to me and I tidied it up, sent it to Merrie Berrie Quilting, and now I'm going to slap on a binding and add this to my list of completed projects ;-D

I think the Grandma, though I didn't know her, would be thankful that this UFO got completed...and that her family will cuddle under it and think of her.  Happy Quilting!

ps.  If I die in the midst of all my quilting chaos, I totally expect a bunch of you all to step up and finish all of my PIGS (projects in grocery sacks)....LOL!


  1. That is gorgeous. I bet her family will be so happy to have it.

    Oh and yes, I'll volunteer to be one of your pig-finishers, if you'll be one of mine!

  2. What a wonderful gift to the family! And yes, just make sure instructions are close by with the PIGS ;-)

  3. No kicking the bucket anytime soon! But put my name on a PIG, just in case...


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