Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pin basting...again!

This week I put together the blocks that we made at the Modern Quilt Guild meeting last week.  ;-D  Don't they look nice?  Kate Spain's Central Park and Kona Snow...

My plan is to do some diagonal line quilting.  My special attachment that I ordered that was supposed to fit "all walking feet" and provide a guide for straight line sewing didn't fit my walking foot.  So I'm back to mixing together parts from other sewing machines and taping them to my walking foot to provide a guide of sorts.  At the local quilt show yesterday and sewing machine dealer in town told me that the walking foot for the Juki does have a guide available?  But I don't believe him.  I went to his store last year to look at the Juki and he was so shady that I ordered online instead.  I fear he is just trying to get me to come back to his store in the hopes of selling me something else (the strategy he tried last time).  But if anyone knows that Juki really does make a walking foot with an attachable guide, please let me know!  It is the one drawback that drives me nuts on this machine...;-D

We went to the local Quilt Show yesterday.  Sadly, it wasn't the quality show that is was five or six years ago.  There were about half as many quilts....lots of vendors.  It seems that fewer people are entering the show?  Or they aren't letting as many people enter?  I'm not sure.  Several years ago, when I was a longarmer, I loved to look at the quilting on the quilts!  Now, not so much interested in the quilting as I am in the piecing.  What a turnaround....Anyhow, I get my Flickr online quilt show every morning with my coffee so I'm OK for inspiration!!  Happy quilting.....


  1. Hi Zany Quilter, just a quick note to say I love your quilt - the blocks, and fabrics are wonderful. Good luck in finding the guide for your Juki, as I can't wait to see this quilt finished.
    I belong to the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild and really enjoy it especially our sit and sew days!
    All best

  2. The quilt looks great! You may have converted me to the joy of layer cakes. The fabric combinations are just so fun!

  3. I know you said when you tried spray basting it smelled awful... I use Dritz Spray Adhesive and spray it in small portions as I roll and smooth it on my living room floor... the smell really isn't that potent or bad... maybe I just got lucky?

  4. I love your quilt. It looks really light, bright and summery.

    It's a shame about your quilt show. I wonder if that's the way they are all going? Being somewhat sceptical, I can't help thinking that the organisers probably make more from the vendors than exhibitors!

  5. I'm with Jan on the layer cakes. I never used them before but I've bought one now! Love the quilt


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