Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quilt Raffle sign is finished....

I finished the Quilt Raffle turned out cute, I think.

And I finished painting the workout room.  Maybe now I'll be motivated to work out....LOL!

I have a little Kona Solids project that I started last week.  Maybe I'll pull that out and get it done.  Lots of drama at work  makes me distracted and lazy--I think some quilting and exercise is in order ;-D 
Happy Quilting....


  1. It is cute! I like the diagonal wavies :)

  2. Cute sign! The workout room looks great too. too bad there wasn't a treadmill-powered sewing machine. Then we would be very motivated to work out!

  3. Love the fussy cut 'I' in the sign. (your header photo looks great!

  4. Let me know how the work out motivation goes - if that's all it takes, I'll go shopping for some paint! Great quilt raffle sign!

  5. Love the sign. I like the 'washed' look too!

  6. Just catching up after a long blog reading hiatus - this sign is great!


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