Saturday, May 28, 2011

Block Party...

I am so excited about something the LVMQG is going to start in June....our own Block Party!  Our President, Andrea, went to Quilt Market and picked up a copy of Block Party and we are planning on getting together our fabrics and inspiration blocks for a swap in June.  I already had a block in mind and I am using my coveted stash of Zany for Zinnias fabric that I have been hoarding for way too long!  I loved the fabric when it came out and continued to buy it long after it became scarce (from Ebay and other online resources).  I have made a king-sized and queen-sized quilt from my stash of Zinnias....and now I plan on making a nice string quilt for an auction in December.

Here is my inspiration block....

And here are my fabrics!

I made a box/kit that has a bunch of fabric, my inspiration block, and the foundations for all the string blocks.  Each month the box with rotate to a new member who will make a few blocks from my fabrics.  I liked the idea of a string block because a lot of people have never made one and they turn out so cute and forgiving...and the blocks can be made oversized and cut down without a problem...Perfect for a swap event!  This is a rough picture...but it will end up 6 blocks x 7 blocks....I am shooting for a twin-sized bed quilt.

Anyhow, that is all for today.  I'm hoping to complete my Dad's cabin quilt top this weekend so I better get to sewing and pressing!  LOL....Have a nice, long holiday weekend!


  1. How fun! Very very pretty fabrics. :)

  2. String pieced blocks are a great idea for a Block Swap, and those fabrics are fantastic! Have fun with that.

  3. I have weeks of agonizing over what to do before my 'kit' will be ready! I am looking for some inspiration for my inspiration block!

  4. How fun!! It sounds so exciting. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Those fabrics are so cute!!

  5. So, let me get my head around this... I haven't come up with an idea...or fabric...and you already have your sample block done AND the box all put together!? sheesh...and I felt behind BEFORE I read this post!

    Oh well...who needs sleep? : )

    Seriously, though...awesome. And way to be at the head of the pack. : )

  6. I agree - you are fast! :) I'm still working on the kona quilt!

  7. I'm still trying to figure out my block party block too. I think I will use the Floralicious line but no visions yet.


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