Saturday, July 16, 2011


I did finish my Kona Solids Challenge for the LVMQG...but I can't show it until after the meeting at the end of the month...but it is done, quilted and bound!!

Next, I decided to make a warm/cool quilt....I've pulled my fabrics and determined that I have too much fabric (that I don't like anymore).  So I'll bag up more for the local high school Home Ec teacher.  But here is what I'm working from for my quilt....I need over 300 squares of fabric for this little project!  Looks like there is a lot of TV time in my future.  By the way, we did watch over 60 episodes of Dexter in two we are on to Oz (yes, it was the late 1990's when it originally ran on HBO)...

I've been working on a quilt for my Mom for Christmas.  The directions were from Moda Bake Shop and they are difficult to follow...wrong yardage, wrong directions, pictures that don't match the directions, etc.  Due to my own mis-cutting (massive confusion in this project), I had to order a second layer cake of a "now out of print" line of fabric so I could continue...But now I'm on the right track, I hope!!

The quilter finished quilting my Dad's plaid quilt so I made the binding last night and am awaiting it's return....

Also, Happy Mochi Yum Yum arrived last week.  I love 25 out of 29 of the prints...there are four that I'm just not into...but they will eventually be used for something!  I'm thinking of making a king-sized hexagon pinwheel quilt for my bed but I need to test out my idea on some junk fabric to see how it turns out...

Anyhow, the list of unfinished projects is so long.  There are many more in various stages of completion on the table but I just don't know when I'll get it all done!  And I'm giving up caffeine again so I'm quite certain that my eyes are going to fall out of my no quilting until this passes.  ;-)  Happy Quilting!!!


  1. Love the Mochi and so jealous of your summer sewing time...

  2. Love your warm/cool colors. Your Mochi pattern sounds like fun. Good for you, you finished your Kona challenge. Looking forward to seeing it.

  3. Ahh! I'm so excited to see them...!! Today I finished the backing and basting and now i'm in the middle of the quilting on the Kona quilt as I type this. :)

    Grats on all of your progress! :)

  4. It sounds like you've got some busy times ahead.

  5. You've been so busy, and looks like you've got some wonderful projects in the works! Can't wait to see them completed

  6. I'm curious to know which 5 out of the Mochi Yum Yum that you are just not into

  7. The first day of no caffeine always gets to me. I end up with a headache that I can't explain and then I remind myself, oh yeah, I haven't had any caffeine today! I hate that I like something that has that affect on me. And sometimes, after that first day, I'll go quite a while with no thought of caffeine crossing my mind. But then there are days (usually when I'm at work) that I feel like I can't help myself! Unfortunately, I love the taste of coffee, tea and chocolate, so I think caffeine and I will have a long, if anguished, relationship. Staring at those beautiful fabrics of yours takes my headache away though...


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