Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shank You...Shank You Very Much!

I just want to say a big "Shank You" to HBO for the 6-season series Oz that we watched in July.  And another "Shank You" to Showtime for the 5 seasons of Dexter we watched in June.  And a final "Shank You" to F/X for Sons of Anarchy--we watched the last 3 seasons in August.  Yes, it has been an excessive TV watching summer, but I've been getting some sewing done.

I finished my Warm/Cool QAL top, but I forgot to take a picture before taking it to the quilter so you will have to be satisfied with an "After" picture in a few weeks.

Today I pin basted the Lucky Stars charity quilt top that I finished in June.  Some diagonal line quilting will complete this project.  I also quilted half of it....the pic isn't that hot, but it is proof that I'm doing more than controlling the remote!

That is all that is going on around here.  I'm dreading going back to work because I'm sure I was destined to be a stay-at-home housewife...but I've got to pay the bills, right?!

Oh yeah, we are now watching DVR'd episodes of In Plain Sight, Rescue Me, and Rizzoli and Isles.  And I have about 25 episodes of  Law and Order: Criminal Intent saved as well.  And a few Deadliest Catch.  Wait, a bunch of Hoarders as well--that show always motivates me to clean my house and make some donations to the Goodwill!!  That is a lot of sewing time!!


  1. Good work! I'm currently working my way through Heroes, as I finished Lost this summer, too.

  2. Love how you are quilting that Lucky Stars quilt. Our DVR is getting filled up too.


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