Sunday, May 20, 2012

The stash....

Sometimes it seems like I don't buy enough fabric at the quilt shops...this is hoard of fabric!!!  See inside the closet of shame....and under the tables in the other bins of shame....way too much online shopping for Vic!!  This is the walk-in closet in my sewing room...Why don't the shelves fall down???  I cleaned it up yesterday so that I could walk in it--prior to that it had been about 2 months where I couldn't get through the door....

Look at the Kaffe stash up there...and some Valentines, and blue and yellow plaids....what are those purples?  Oh my...the two big crates in the back corner are cut up plaid is the bottom crate to the left....
 Well, what have we here??  Looks like some black and whites, you can't see the Kona solids, pinks, blues....oh, some double pinks and browns in the corner that I had to buy to make a civil war type quilt, if I recall....Then some hanging wall quilts a pile of neutrals on the top--linens, Kona solids, muslin...hmmmm???  Look at those cute quilt hangers in the back??  Why don't I use those??
 What the heck is all that???  More fabric at the top....organized by color?  Style?  Purpose??  Who really knows...
 Now this isn't how you should treat a finished quilt was my pomegranate (sp?) top I made one or two years ago....and some larger cutgs of fabric.  More neutrals...What is in the sliding drawers???  I don't really know....

OMFG....look at the polka dots in the upper left corner!  I had great plans for those....There is an almost finished quilt top in that bag--with the black and white fabric showing....wonder where the directions are??

Ok....I don't even know what to say...the shame of it all.....

Now the bottom bin is about 50 pounds of 1930's repro prints.  I had a fancy for those one year...still do, but just don't do anything with them.  Above that is the remnants of my favorite fabric line, Zany for Zinnias, cut into strips for a charity string quilt.  Hmmm...when did I cut those strips, last year???

I just organized this bright colored vintage sheets.  This bin is 36" across and about 18" tall--packed full.  Pretty, isn't it???  There are more on top...

This crate is only about 2 feet across and it is packed with light colored vintage sheets and sheet fat quarters.  There are my sadly neglected granny squares blocks--I miss you!!

So anyhow, I should be kicked out of every quilt shop around town until I use up some of this stash.  And every summer I donate about 2 large garbage bags of fabric to the high school...but here it is...still a mess!!  Ack....  Happy sewing to you!


  1. I feel like I'm looking into my future....

  2. Unfortunately, I think I have you beat. I have barely a walk thru space in my storage area in the basement. I'm hoping to tackle it after youngest son graduates (next weekend) and all the family has headed back home.

  3. Oh my - that looks like it would be fun to play in and organize!!!!

  4. It is good to know that others share the same issues.
    " Hello, my name is Jan and I am sadly addicted to collecting fabric."

  5. Oh woww. Can I come and play in your fabrics for a while?

  6. What a great post....I think a lot of us know how you feel!!

  7. Oh, I want to come play in your closet!!!


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