Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another table runner...

I quilted up another Spiral Tablerunner with my new Bliss rails...very nice.  No hand pain, no odd resistance.  Now I just have to get more control because it is so much looser than the old rails..

I didn't have the feathers touch in the middle because the streak down the center was so light I didn't want the dark thread to stand out (since the outsides were darker than the middle).  Anyhow, it will make any table look nice, in my opinion.  Someday I need to make one for myself...

Happy Quilting to you..

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  1. Wow, beautiful table runner! I found you through google-ing zentangle tutorial. I read your zentangle quilt tutorial and was wondering when you mention was paper do you mean freezer paper which you can iron wax side down on the fabric? Your work is amazing!


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