Monday, October 1, 2012

Quilting lately...

I haven't been posting much lately because school has been so has been so busy.  But this weekend I got some quilting done...

A 14 ft long table cloth...over 5 ft wide...I had to quilt in the dark with side lighting because the thread blended so well with the busy top fabric.  She wanted tone on tone thread for the back as well so that it could be reversible...

Overall swirls...the bliss made these look so wonderful!

This is the back side.  You can see the quilting better...20 bobbins on this one!

And I did a Halloween spiral tablerunnder...

And a first for me...a wool applique wall hanging.  I just had to quilt some fills in the background...

I hope she likes it!!  ;-)


  1. I recently started following your blog, and I was beginning to wonder if you were on hiatus? I am sure school takes a lot of your time and energy. Welcome back, and your quilting is awesome!

  2. All are sew cute! Good job on the quilting!

  3. Hey Vic,

    I think your swirls are great!



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