Monday, November 26, 2012

Buddy Missed the Memo...

I'm binding my quilt for the challenge (it is due Thursday) and I walked away from it for one minute...look what I saw upon my return!

It is like he doesn't get how important this quilt is to me!!!  Ack.....

Here is a brief pic of the front while quilting....

I can't keep it secret.....I LOVE IT! Just a bit of it though....the quilting is a panto called Random Clams. This is for our Bonnie and Camille Challenge at Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. Camille Roskelley herself is coming to judge the quilts on Thursday! I hope I'm a winner....

Anyhow, I have to finish binding and watch Season 3 of The Walking Dead.  We watched Seasons 1 and 2 this last weekend....and the prior weekend we watched all of Homeland!!  Awesome!!


  1. Beautiful quilt!! Good luck in the judging!!

  2. That looks very nice! I have some half yards of one of their lines, Bliss, I think. Looking at this quilt inspires me to pull them out and see what could come of them!

  3. Buddy was just making sure that the quilt didn't go missing while you weren't with it. Good Buddy! Someone's gotta keep it safe, and do quality control, too.

  4. Lol...I think someone has claimed that quilt for his own!! lol Love it!!

  5. All animals think all quilts are theirs! I really like this panto.


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