Saturday, January 25, 2014

New fresh!

I know I'm a little late on the navy crazy...but I'm in love!  My favorite quilt shop, Quiltique, had a sale today so I picked up some super fresh fabric for a new quilt...Rebecca will be my prototype tester (she doesn't know it yet).

We are busy sewing around here...and cooking!  The cooking isn't for fun....I recently found out I have Celiac and this is really cramping my style.  Eating out sucks...salads suck....worrying all the time about your next meal sucks...having to prepare ALL of your food sucks....And then, to top it off, I'm one blood test away from diabetes!  Guess what is a no-no now??  White potatoes, rice and corn!  LOL...all the things that Celiacs substitute for wheat.  You know what you can have on both diets....more salad!  And beans!  And meat!  But not too much or my high cholesterol will hit the roof....I think there is a nasty Venn diagram for Celiacs, diabetics and people with high cholesterol and they intersection of all three is very, very small!

It turns out that the last 10 years of neglecting my health have caught up with me.  Some serious changes are in my future that disrupt my sewing time.  These include exercise, cooking and food prep, starving, and whining!  I'm almost past the whining stage...maybe!  I'll try to keep up with blogging and I'll not take pics of my gluten free, low glycemic load, fat free foods.... ;-)

My fabric is out of the wash and I'm off to sew!  Happy Quilting!!


  1. Oh, my, so sad to hear all this! Hope you can get your health in track soon! I just watched 2 movies recently that got me thinking about my health: Hungry for change and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead... the latter one is up on the website, both are free if you have netflix or amazon prime. Hope you can check them out!

  2. I think some fabric therapy is in order. It is NOT on the restricted diet. It is hard to change old habits.

  3. I am sorry to hear you have Celiacs
    I have a sensitivity to gluten and the diet is the same. But I believe you will feel so much better. It does take some time to get comfortable with the diet. I have found some good products. Sewing therapy is in order.

  4. So sorry to hear about the health issues! Its a good thing you are smart and resourceful ! Love he fabrics! I have been buying some navy lately, but I didn't know I was on a band wagon! LOL. Can't wait to see what they make!

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  6. I am sorry to hear about your new eating challenges and totally commiserate. Pinterest is your friend. Think natural foods..veggies are your friend. Hummus! There are all manner of celiac friendly recipes available online...Good luck


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