Sunday, February 23, 2014

Consignment sales....Goatfeathers!

So a few quilty friends used to have a booth at Goatfeathers in Boulder City, NV.  It closed in December and might be opening up again I'm going to try selling some crafty/quilty items!  And patterns, of course....I've got to find a way to hang my patterns for sale and I saw this wire stuff at Lowe's yesterday while looking for chicken wire...A few "S" hooks and I think it might be possible....

We are thinking of weaving some ribbon and spring flowers through the wire.  The wire stuff was really inexpensive, about $2.50, for 10 feet.  I can cut it to 3 feet lengths and that should hold quite a few up close shot...

So this also means I have to make/finish a few quilts that have been in progress for years.  And longarm....did I ever show you my longarm room sign?  It was made by my friend Steph...cute, huh?

The longarm room is a mess, but I'm getting a baby quilt done....

And my friend Denise gave me this cartoon for my son, Ryan....who spends way more time in quilt shops than an average teenage boy should...

Well, no time to waste!  More pics later this week....Happy Quilting!


  1. Both my son's would get a chuckle out of that cartoon, even though it was usually optional most of the time. They can both tell the difference between machine and hand quilting, and even know good vs not so good hand quilting. The youngest even helped design and purchase the fabric for his graduation quilt.

  2. Looks like things are coming together and you are very busy. Love the cartoon. Quilting room 'mess' just looks like happy times!


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