Saturday, June 7, 2014


A friend recommended that I get a photo backdrop stand to improve my picture quality.  Evidently, having Ryan and Rebecca try to hold the quilt straight, get their feet out of the picture, get their fingers out of the picture, stop bitching about how their arms hurt, etc. isn't very professional and doesn't yield good quality pics.  So I bought a stand from Amazon and set up my own photo op in my backyard.

Another sad problem with trying to photgraph in the desert is finding nice locations, like parks (with no kids running in the background and no dog poop) or other scenic places.  And I don't want to drive forever since my photos tended to suck and it would have been a waste anyhow.  But this is what I set up in my backyard this morning....

And I took 10 pics and got a winner, I think.....

It is a new quilt pattern and this would be the cover pic.... hopefully!  I'll let you know....
Happy Quilting!


  1. I think you did very well! Lovely scenery and adorable pattern.

  2. Nice photo and great quilt. I love how the "plus" blocks appear.

  3. Nice! (And I'd LOVE to have a palm tree in my back yard!)


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