Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Log and navy!

I've decided to name this log cabin pattern Rock Around the Clock....and this is the third one I've made!  I love the green, navy and gray combo....excellent and modern ;-)  It measures about 59" x 59".

The panto was called One Cloudy Day and I thought it was perfectly neutral...lots of texture, but gender neutral.  I tend to lean heavily towards girly quilts and it was mentioned that more boyish quilts on some covers might sell more patterns.  So I'll give it a try...

I got the idea for Rock Around the Clock from the clock fabric in the center of the blocks.  And since with a log cabin you go 'round and 'round, it seemed like a good fit.  Once I get it bound and some cover pics taken, the pattern will be released!  Yeah....I'll keep you posted.  Happy quilting!

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