Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winter EPP...rainbow style!

This year has been super busy at work.  I had to sell my prep (teach an extra class) due to overcrowding so I've been bringing lots of work home with me every night...way more than usual.  But on the flip side, it's an extra $55 for every class I teach so....more college money for Ryan!!

Because of this, I put away my sewing machine for a while and I've been doing some more EPP.  This will be a quilt for my classroom in the spring...maybe not this year, but sometime prior to retirement ;-).  The six pointed stars are rainbow from pink to blue (no purple) and the hexagons in between are all various low volume black/white text prints.  I'm really loving how it is turning out.

This pic is of a few arranged on the table, prior to sewing it all together....

I make all the stars and hexies first...I love basting the EPP pieces!!  It is a very scrappy quilt...

Anyhow, that is my hand sewing project.  Perfect for the evenings when we are watching Gracepoint, Psych, Franklin and Bash, CSI, Sons of Anarchy, Hell on Wheels, etc.

Ryan has been super busy with the marching band this year.  They desperately needed tuba players so he switched from the baritone to the tuba at band camp in August.  It was tough for him to carry around the tuba at first, but now he is a rock star at it.  ;-)  He also made the Symphonic Band (Varsity Band) as a freshman and that means a week-long trip to Chicago in the fall to play at one of the big symphony halls.  Awesome!  Here is a pic from a recent marching band show in Chino Hills, CA.....

He looks adorable in his uniform...and did you know that sousaphone is almost five feet is a pic of him after assembling it in the hallway... He is growing up!!  Bear in mind he just turned 14 and is about 5'10 and weighs 180 pounds!  How does this happen so fast???

Anyhow, outside of working our asses off and toting Ryan around to various performances and Student Council events, we are having a great time.  I've been working on a major chalk painting project and I'll photos of that later this week....hopefully!

Happy Quilting....


  1. Loving your hexies. That tuba is huge. Ryan looks great .

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  3. Love the EPP. My brother played tuba in the marching band. Those things are HUGE! Hey, I live in the suburbs of Chicago (45 miles west). Let me know when you'll be in the area. Maybe we can get together.


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