Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Unblocked....go rainbow....

When in doubt, go rainbow!!  I pulled some fabric, then some more, then I went full Skittles rainbow!!  And all from my stash...including some gray background fabric....

And some ironing and cutting....and Under the Dome and Suits....

So I'm working on a new pattern...but maybe it will be a quilt along.  Not that I have a big following or anything, but why not??  Right??  ;-)

Anyhow, I'm sewing a bit, working on the house, cooking, cleaning and being a stay-at-home Mom to a teenager who'd rather I went somewhere else...LOL.  Summer!!

Happy Quilting to you...


  1. What is that super awesome gray? I believe I need some of that fabric! I might be in for a QAL. I've never done one, but always wished I could. And I just so happen to have time for one now!

    By the way, you can never go wrong with a rainbow. They're so happy!

  2. You can never go wrong with a rainbow. I am always drawn to a pile of fabric that looks like yours!!


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