Saturday, October 17, 2015

AS Chalk Paint Kitchen Renovation...

I haven't been sewing the last two months because we've been repainting out kitchen cabinets.  They are the old, 1980's orange oak and they really clashed with the granite countertops the prior owners installed.  We're using Annie Sloan Old Ochre, with some distressing, and clear wax.

We are working the kitchen in stages and are almost done.  Next, the adjacent laundry room and eventually the downstairs guest bath...some before and after shots.

The pantry and some uppers...

The island, and fuller kitchen shot...

We are just finishing the bottom cabinets and I'll have a complete kitchen pic by the end of the weekend, hopefully...It has been a damn disaster in our kitchen since early September.  We plan on doing the floor a dark wood-like planking (maybe porcelain tile) to contrast with the cabinets.  The granite looks much better now.  There was no way we could afford to replace that much granite--it continues into the living room around the fireplace, and little bench window, the guest bathroom countertop, etc...

We are happy, but tired of painting!  Our estimate for the whole project, including paint and new hardware (hinges and knobs/handles) is about $500.  And this will include the laundry room as well...well worth it!  Annie Sloan paint rocks!


  1. Beautiful! I have the same looking cabinets and was toying with the idea of painting them, but one of my girlfriends, was like "Noooo! don't paint your oak cabinets!" I need to show her your pictures, because these turned out wonderful and so updated!!!

  2. Looking wonderful. I've been thinking of doing that next spring. When one compares the before and after of the whole kitchen that says it all. Great job.

  3. Never thought I'd say this about oak cabinets, but I like ve the paint job! Looks beautiful with the counter tops.

  4. it looks great, wonder if you have under floor heating as I have a tiled floor and it is oh so cold, no way would I have it again and would love to have it replaced, also at the age where I drop things and there is no chance they survive on the tiles! just a thought I would share with you


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