Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tessa Bag is finished...

I can only say that I'm in love with this Tessa Bag and pattern.  It was so easy...and I'm not a person who makes things other than quilts.  Check out the finished bag...

I added a pocket on the inside for my phone, and I may add magnetic snap closures (I've never used them before but how hard could it be, right??).  It is absolutely adorable.  I'm also going to make one that is a bit longer to carry papers, etc.  I definitely think this one is a hit!!!

I'm working on a new pattern, and finishing one from the holidays, so I should have some more pics to show in the future.  I could even take a pic for the cover today, maybe....It is a lovely day here in Las Vegas.  Maybe upper 60's??

This pattern involves some pinwheels and precuts--so I cut my own precuts from reds.  I have a huge crate of reds and I've always wanted to do a red and khaki quilt.  We'll see how it goes...

Anyhow, Happy Quilting!!

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