Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vintage Sheet pull...

These are the vintage sheet winners for my soon to be started Maybellene quilt.  The pattern looks like this...

But I'm going to make a smaller, wall-size quilt.  I needed (18) 10" x 10" layer cake squares and (36) 5" x 5" charm squares.  I recently (and boldly) began cutting up my vintage sheets.  Here are the ones I pulled for the quilt...  I LOVE them!  I don't usually show fabrics like this, but vintage sheet lovers will appreciate the eye-candy, right??

I still have a giant pile leftover... this is ridiculous!  And those of you who collect vintage sheets know how difficult purple ones are to find.  The 70's must not have appreciated purple as much as I do!!

The remains... I'm pretty sure that I see a few more vintage sheet quilts in my future.  ;-)  My family won't use them (they have issues with "used" sheets, so maybe the quilts will end up in my Etsy shop. or hanging on the wall.  Who knows??

Junior is already shocked that I'm planning to take over his mancave when he leaves for college in two years and turn it into a giant longarm room.  He thought I was joking until I fully described the future of what he thought was "his stuff" in "his" room.  Some chalk painted furniture, new flooring and wall paint, my longarm, a seating area, large cutting table, etc....  Wow, I have lots of plans!!  If he wants to go away, do I need to keep his stuff in there as a shrine?? to do some school work.  Happy Quilting!


  1. If the sheets have been washed, what's the problem? Think of all the scrappy quilts from the 13's-40's etc, that used old clothes, etc, as fabrics. I took over my youngest son's room, after he went off to college. Problem was, I couldn't get him to pack his stuff up, so, I had to. He doesn't like that I didn't label "EVERYTHING" that went into each box (duh, he still had valentines from 4th grade).

  2. So gorgeous! Just like a garden, without the weeds! I asked my mom recently if she still had some of the old sheets we had used since she keeps everything. No, she proudly told me she 'recycled' them by giving them to my dad for dropcloths for painting. Even she was sad when I told her what I wanted to do with them.

  3. You quilt will be so cool. Great to recycle.

  4. I just love vintage sheets too. Let me know if you are selling any of the 10" squares.

  5. Let me know when you are done with these quilts, as I may have a buyer for them. (Don't tell anyone... it MIGHT be me!!)


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