Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nerd Project...

Honestly, I'm going to finish something someday...maybe.  The first two weeks of June I was trapped upstairs in my sewing room while the downstairs floors were removed/replaced. I say trapped because my family was up there with me too....much family time.  And they all got a good look at my "stash" and I think Ryan realized that his college fund might be a little light due to my stash being a little heavy...LOL.

Somehow, during that time, I came across the brilliant idea to make a Nevada mini quilt.  I had plenty of time to cut out little states of Nevada.  You see, I was born here in Las Vegas and have lived her for 46 years--there aren't many natives here (Denise is an exception!!).  And it's not that I'm particularly love in with the desert, dry heat, low water supply, tourists, gaming, why would I make this quilt??  Who knows??  It seemed like a brilliantly innovative idea at the time... but if my state were a more complicated shape, this wouldn't even be a possibility.  ;-)

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I have 50 rainbow states of Nevada.  Hmmm....I can't wait to see where this goes.... Happy Quilting!

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