Sunday, October 10, 2010

Madison's Rag Quilt...

This is my niece, Madison, getting ready to sew a rag quilt.  She picked out the fabrics and her and her Mom, and Grandma, all worked to put it together....
Here is the "before washing" photo...

 And here is the "after washing" picture....Very cute, huh?  Polka dots was theme...leaning towards browns and light blues.  Madison picked out the fabrics at a few of the local quilt shops...The Quilter's Studio and Chocolate and Cotton, I believe.  My sister, Gwen, tells me that she didn't really enjoy the cutting process (who does???) and so she will lean towards the pre-cuts next time around!  ;-)

There seems to be a theme here...I'm trying to force my family into quilting and I'm starting them out on rag quilts.  Hmmmm....Oh well, the more the merrier!  Gwen sent me some other pics of quilts that now reside at her house--you will seem them in later posts!  Thanks, Gwen...
Good night....


  1. She did a beautiful job on her quilt and very fun fabrics for a young lady.


  2. Your niece has got a great sense of colour. I love that quilt.

  3. Way to go Madison!!! Way to go Auntie for teaching her how to rag quilt! Love the colours and the way this turned out!!!

  4. Good for her! I'm not a fan of quilting either, but it has really helped me to get everything cut ahead and then dive in to what I do love.


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