Monday, October 11, 2010

Syracuse Rag Quilt...Rebecca's Project!

As I posted yesterday, Rebecca is cutting out 6" squares for her Syracuse rag quilt.  This is big for her because I've always cut the squares and she has sewn.  Now, she is going to do the whole thing!!!
Here is her design....She learned how to use EQ!

Here are her little sandwiches all stacked up and ready to sew....
We are off to buy some thread and get her going on this project!  The good news is that it doesn't have to go to a longarmer (we are getting a ltitle too close to Christmas to be playing that game!).

Sunday night she sewed them all together and tonight they are laying on the floor, ready for pinning....
Buddy jumped in to the shot...what a cutie pie!  Well, we have to go pin now, and watch an episode of House on the DVR.  It is looking great, though....:-D


  1. What cute little sandwiches. I have to admit I'm curious, what kind of batting are you using in there?

  2. We are using a really thick flannel...I bought some at my LQS and then, when they ran out, I ordered more from eQuilter. It makes the quilt very thick and comfy...She is excited to sew tonight!!

  3. I have never done a rag rug, but I remember seeing a pattern in one of my old books with a quilt that was stuffed first.



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