Sunday, October 10, 2010


So this is my Sunday and my EQ software.  I'm planning on making a Valentine wall quilt for my classroom....48" x 48".  Notice my Valentine coffee mug? 
Several years ago I decided to redo my kitchen in Valentine. Yes, Valentine dishes, Valentine placemats, red kitchen accessories, etc.  I even rescued this Valentine wallhanging from a was for sale and nobody seemed to want it.  It is some sort of raw-edged applique/stack-n-slash quilt.  The borders are wonky, and the quilting, if you could see it, is a little marginal.  But it looks nice in a Valentine themed kitchen....

Anyhow, this is my EQ design for a Valentine quilt for the classroom.  I have a large stash of Valentine's fabrics....

I'm thinking of a 2" block in the center, then 1" finished strips going around--it would be an 8" block (8'5" unfinished).  That might make a decent dent in the massive amount of Valentine fabric I'm hoarding.  I've made several queen and king-sized pink/red quilts and still haven"t used it up.  This will give me something to work on in my **free** time... ROTFLOL

Tonight I plan on working on my aqua and purple quilt for my niece--watch for a post tomorrow or Tuesday regarding my progress.  I did the Chrismas Quilt Along yesterday and made some progress on that quilt...One of these days I need to quilt the tree skirt...or I could take it to a quilter???  OMG, why am I being such a wimp about this?  Lots of people quilt on their own machine at home.  Suck it up, Vic, and get it done.  I mean, it is under the presents, under the tree and pretty much out of sight.  What better quilt to practice on than that one?  Oh, let me tell you why.  I'm so lazy that I'll probably never want to make another tree skirt in my life and I'll have to look at it forever.  That is why.  But my vision isn't what it used to maybe I should quilt it!  In 15 years I won't even be able to see the details in the quilting so what will it matter?  LOL....

Anyhow, Happy Quilting!


  1. Looks like this will make a fantastic quilt!

  2. Love it! I just finished making a scrappy Valentine quilt, come by my blog to check it out. I really love yours too and might want to make it one day! Ooh, you should post pics of your kitchen too! I'm in the process of making another quilt just like the first, one was a gift, this one is to keep!

  3. Very cute!! I love the pile of fabric too.

  4. Oh my goodness, when I saw the quilt that you bought from your LQS, I almost called my mom to make sure that she hadn't sold them the one I made her years ago!I'm not joking, I think it may have the EXACT fabrics that I used for it. If I hadn't just seen it hanging on her wall just last week, I would certainly be suspicious.=)
    Love your EQ design.Can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. Lovely quilt layout. I like the quilt in your kitchen as you said it draws on the theme quite nicely.

    I know all about projects that seem to take forever and then the thought of quilting them makes you want to look up a longarmer (ANY LONGARMER!) hehhe, I have an Elna with a 6" throat and I actually enjoy quilting on it, so by all means stitch it in the ditch or use decorative stitches over your seams, just get it done.


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