Friday, March 23, 2012

Orange Challenge....

The LVMQG will be unveiling (sp??) a new challenge this month....we are celebrating Pantone's color of the year Tangerine Tango.  ;-)  In anticipation of a fabric swap, I ordered a few yards of orange from  Have you ever used the design

I'm not quite sure about the middle one on the right...but it said orange so I thought it might add variety.  Or it might just suck... Who knows???

I've got to get some sewing done tonight while we watch a fantastic Australian series...
McLeod's Daughters.  It is about two sisters who inherit a working farm in rural Australia and try to work it with only a crew of women and few local hot brothers, etc.

It was recommended by a colleague at work and we are about 20 episodes into the series that has about 200 something episodes....lots to watch now....Well, I just looked it up and it appears the more recent episodes (not from 10 years ago) look a little porn-y... hmmm....we might not make it through the whole thing!!!  LOL....

More tomorrow...


  1. I think the orange is going to be cute irl. On etsy there's some real pictures of it under a slightly different name than whats on (here)

  2. Love your oranges. I have one but I need more. Must go search!

  3. I'm super excited to do this challenge! I can't wait to get started!

  4. I LOVE McLeod's Daughters! My sister recommended it, and I'm on season 3 right now. She said she didn't like the last season or two as much but, so far, I'm loving it! So cool to "meet" someone else enjoying something "old" at the same time I am!


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