Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Block Party Kit...

I've got my stuff ready for the Block Party...

Assorted Kona solids, some basic directions from Lazy Gal Quilting, the Word Play book, a few inspiration blocks, and some graph paper.  The graph paper might be helpful if a person hasn't done much free piecing and needs to sketch a block. 

I used light gray thread...should I include some in the kit?  The individual letter blocks are cut down to 5" and finish at 4.5" each.  So each block should square up to 9.5" and finish at 9".  Sort of interesting, I hope.

Anyhow, now I have to work on something else....probably backing for my Dad's quilt so I can ship it off to the quilter.  I also have another charity quilt that is almost done....maybe I should finish that one up as well and send it out at the same time?  Hmmm...

FYI...it was already over 80 degrees at 5am today.  And is well over 100 by 9am.  Probably hit about 112 degrees today, again!  This stinks after the cool air of Tahoe....Happy Quilting!


  1. That looks like it is going to be fun! Love your "LOVE".

  2. I love love love your LOVE blocks!!!

  3. The blocks look great! I love the bright colors! I am sadly way behind on my inspiration. I am thinking it will be next month before I am ready to join the 'party'.

  4. Your block are great. You are so organized. I'm with Jan but I will see what I can do before tomorrow night!


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