Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tahoe Retreat...

We decided to rent a cabin at Lake Tahoe this year for vacation.  My Mom is coming along, and Buddy, so it should be all sorts of entertaining!  I'm excited to bring along a few sewing projects...

1.  My Block Party stuff...I need to make my new inspiration block

2.  Charity Quilt....Lucky Stars pattern

3.  Charity Quilt...string quilt for a twin-sized bed

4.  Kona Solids Challenge for the LVMQG
Hopefully I have everything packed so that I'm not missing something while I'm away.  I'm also bringing my sewing machine, iron...cutting supplies, etc.  I'm sure I will forget something but maybe there is a quilt shop at Lake Tahoe???  Enjoy your week of sewing!


  1. Have a great time - I'm waiting anxiously to see what you create on vacation!!

  2. You look like me packing for a trip. My sewing stuff gets packed long before I think about clothes. Have a great time.

  3. Have a great time. We love Tahoe.

  4. You sound excited in this post... you don't fool me anymore!


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