Thursday, December 29, 2011

LVMQG Pillow Swap

Here are the pics of my pillow...the first pillow I've made in over 20 years!!

My swap partner picked a FQ of the green fabric that is fussy cut on the right side...the "Josef Mar...." fabric.  I added the other greens and some linen fabric that I had around and Ta-Da!!  My partner requested "traditional colors, modern design" and I hope I hit the mark :-)

The reveal/swap is tonight...I'll show the pillow I receive on my blog tomorrow!!


  1. The colours are lovely.

    How did you finish the edge? It looks like a binding. Did you bind the front and back together? I'm intrigued! Nice neat finish, whatever you did.

  2. Love the colors, love the binding. All that hand stitching. Cool. I hope you weren't looking for a nice mellow pillow for your trade!

  3. It looks great :) I agree the hand quilting adds a really nice touch!


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